Do Plants Feel Pain? Watch Video for Answer

Plants don’t feel pain, they detect damage. There is no central nervous system and there is no subjective processing of the stimulus. A plant’s response to its environment is purely objective. Action leads to reaction. Input leads to output. Every single time. This is the fundamental difference between sentient life and non-sentient life. Without the ability to process the world subjectively the individual is just a complex mechanical computing entity. A robot, detecting and responding to stimulus in the same way and processing information uniformly and this is what we find with plants. In summary, we arbitrarily and unfairly cause suffering to beings that can and do feel pain. These animals, much like ourselves, deserve liberty and the right to life. They are individuals with individual personalities and experience the word individually with their own shared emotions. These animals are so incredibly similar to ourselves. There are no sufficient differences that justify our treatment of animals. They have the same emotional responses, the same experience of love and joy but also the same experience of fear and distress.


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